Should I give this away for free?

We are living through strange times. There’s no doubt we’ll all need to pitch in and be good neighbours in the next few months and many of us are ready and willing to help. But I’m seeing some small business owners wondering if they should be charging for their services at all in these COVID … Read more

Can I use this list for email marketing?

This is a question I was asked by three different business owners in a single week recently, which is my cue for a blog post! I’ve had a list of email addresses for a while and haven’t done anything with them. Can I use this list for email marketing? Woah, don’t load that list up … Read more

Has that got a ‘buy now’ button?

Struggling to get customers to buy from you when you’re having a conversation? In this post I’ll share a simple technique that works for me. Read any advice on starting a business and you’ll be given many different things to think about – marketing, branding, accounting, paying taxes, bookkeeping, customer service… the list goes on. … Read more