How to find free photos for your website

free_photos_for_websiteIt’s easy to find beautiful royalty-free photos to use on your website or blog. But these often come at a price, and if you’re a tiny business or just starting up, ┬áit can get expensive.

So I thought a list of sites where you can get photos for free would come in handy! But…

Remember to check what you are allowed to do with the images

Please note that, although you can use the photos on these sites for free, you need to check the usage rules of each site carefully:

– Sometimes you need to credit the photographer, website or both

– Sometimes you don’t need to add a credit at all, but they would appreciate a mention on you website

– Sometimes you have to get permission to use the photos in certain ways and places (e.g. for morgueFile you need to contact the photographer if you want to use a photo in a blog post, but not if you’re a designer or illustrator using it in your own work)

– Usually, you can’t incorporate the images into your logo

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