New training in the Online Business Club: How to make shareable social media images

Social media has become a lot more visual in the last few years, but hiring a graphic designer for every social media image you need to create can be too expensive for most micro businesses. The great news is that it’s not hard to create shareable social media images with free and cheap tools, even if you’re not a graphic designer.

…which is why this month’s training in the Online Business Club is How to create shareable social media images even if you’re not a graphic designer!

Here’s a taster:

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How to market yourself by being a podcast, Hangout or webinar guest


One great way to spread the word about what you do is to be a guest on someone else’s website. But it doesn’t have to stop at guest blogging.  Why not appear in a webinar, Google Hangout on Air or podcast, too?

Why be a guest on a Hangout, webinar or podcast?

Hangouts, webinars and podcasts have some advantages over guest blogging. First, the audience can hear your voice and really get to know you. Second, you get longer with the audience – you get a couple of minutes of attention with a blog post but with a good Hangout, webinar or podcast people will tune in for twenty minutes or more. Even better, people use podcasts to kill time when they are driving or at the gym, so they are likely to listen for even longer. [Read more…]

5 Essential social media trends for micro businesses for 2015: New free course

udemy_courseI’ve finally finished my first course on the Udemy training platform!

The course was approved last Thursday and I’m delighted (not to mention a bit surprised!) that I’ve got almost 600 students already.

The course is called 5 Essential social Media Trends For Micro Business in 2015 and it’s free at the moment.

Here’s the visual marketing lecture from the course as a taster:

It took me over a year to get a course published on Udemy, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a Udemy instructor. Most marketing experts say you should build your business on your own platform, not one belonging to a third party.

But now my course is live in the Udemy marketplace I’m so glad I decided to upload it. For one thing, Udemy already has 5 million students looking for courses so as a trainer it makes sense to have a presence there.  I’ve had some amazing feedback on how the platform looks and ‘feels’ – it’s very professional and I think that really helps instructors brand their courses as quality products. Plus Udemy handles the EU VAT for me, which is a big bonus.

If you’d like to know more about becoming a Udemy instructor, stay tuned as I’ll be posting more here on my blog shortly.

Here’s the link again to grab my course while it’s free: