How to promote your information products at events and conferences

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I love the online world. But there’s no doubt that meeting people face-to-face is still very effective. I guess it’s because we’re tribal animals at heart, it’s easier to get to know and trust each other in the flesh.

But how do you make that bridge from your ‘offline’ networking to your online marketing?

Have you ever been in that situation where you’ve got along like a house on fire with someone, promised to check out each other’s websites and then gone home and forgot all about it? How can you avoid that? And is it possible to actually sell at face-to-face events?

The answer to all those questions is ‘yes but only if you do it the right way’.

In this month’s training in my Online Business Club  I take you through strategies for joining up your face-to-face networking with your online business using social media.

Then, I give you the insider information on three different strategies I used for gathering leads for my mailing list at three separate events, plus the outcomes. I’ll even show you the handouts and webpages I used so you can try my strategies yourself.

You can get a 7 day trial of this (plus the previous 7 months of training) for just US$1 or 83p.

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How I started my first membership site and what I’ve learned 6 months on

This is the story of my first membership site, the Online Business Club. In this post I’ll take you through the ups and downs of my first six months as the proud owner of a membership site, plus what I learned along the way and where it is now.

In this video I talk about what I’ve learned, and all the details about what I actually did are in the post below:

Why I started a membership site

I’d wanted to start a membership site for a few years. I saw lots of solo business owners struggling with things like social media and SEO and I knew I could help. A low-cost membership seemed like a good fit because I could offer up-to-date training every month in small bites.

From my point of view, a membership site meant that I didn’t have to sell a ton of one-off products every month. I could make one sale and get a regular income every month after that, which freed me up to make more training. Of course I would always need to be promoting because people would leave, but a subscription-type of product is still a very good one to have.

The barriers to getting started [Read more…]

Money mindset and manifesting

money mindset manifesting

Lately there’s been a trend among business experts and coaches. It’s about your money mindset and clearing your money blocks.

There’s absolutely no surprise there – wanting more money is one of the basic desires we all have, even if we don’t like to admit it. It’s so central to our security and survival that we can’t help but pay it attention. We all have baggage around money, and for most of us giving this some attention and removing the beliefs that are holding us back is going to be very helpful.

But I never take what the experts say at face value. Not because I’m a cynic, but because I do my best to think critically. I’m interested in what these experts ask me to do, but I’m even more interested in what they do themselves.

(Sometimes these two are totally different…but I’ll get into that another day!) [Read more…]