How to make a video slideshow with photos

Have you got images sitting around on your hard drive that could be used to make a marketing video? I think we all have, actually!

I challenged myself to take a handful of someone else’s images and turn them into a promotional slideshow-style video. Of course I could have used much more content than that, but I wanted to show that I could make a video without the client having to spend more than a few minutes giving me info for the video (he’s a busy guy).

The client happens to be my Dad. because I’ve done quite a lot of marketing for his karate club over the last few years, so I already had some material to work with. Here’s the finished video and I’ll explain the process I went through to create it below.

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I’m changing direction…here’s how (and why)

Helen_and_tabletI’d had the feeling it was time for a change for a while. I couldn’t quite nail down what it was, but it all fell into place a few weeks ago.

I started my first blog, Business Plus Baby, just before my son was born in 2009. Since then I’ve tried out just about every online marketing strategy possible (SEO, social media, copywriting, paid ads…) plus every kind of way of selling digital products (e-courses from my own site, platforms such as Udemy, Kindle, affiliate marketing…) I’ve loved learning about it all and I’ve created courses to pass on what I’ve discovered.

But I’ve always been a trainer at heart, and what I like doing the most is explaining things. I’ve wanted to do more training, demonstrations and ‘how to’ videos online ever since the days when I was driving all over the UK every week to run face-to-face training sessions.

And now I can.

The way we use technology to learn is far broader than it used to be.  You used to buy something then learn how to use it, or  at least sign up for a course before the learning could begin. Now I see learning happening all over the web in the shape of blog posts, YouTube videos, product reviews and demonstrations of all kinds. There’s even a whole area of marketing devoted to educating potential customers before they buy, and that’s content marketing. [Read more…]

How to increase the reach on your Facebook page by boosting the engagement

“Post reach is the number of people who have seen your post. Your post counts as reaching someone when it’s shown in News Feed.” – Facebook

I think we’ve all been frustrated by the drop in organic (ie unpaid) reach on our Facebook pages lately.

Increasing the amount of engagement your posts get is essential for increasing the organic reach of your Facebook page posts. In this video I give you some tips for getting more engagement:

This video is from my course ‘How to increase your Facebook page reach without using ads’: