Why I don’t use sales funnels

You won’t have gone far in the world of digital marketing before running into the concepts of sales and marketing funnels. And as I work with email marketing and CRMs you might be surprised that I don’t talk in terms of funnels. In this post I’ll explain why. The sales funnel is a model for … Read more

The money is in the follow up

I’m going to file this post under ‘you know you should do this, but ARE you doing it?’ Because if you’re not, you’re almost certainly losing money! Follow up after networking events I’m a regular networker (and by regular I mean I attend networking events regularly, rather that I’m normal 🙂 ) and it boggles … Read more

Are you selling to the right people?

If you’re like me, you went to school or university to learn skills that would one day get you a job that used those skills. Selling whatever that product or service happened to be would be someone else’s job. So getting to grips with sales when you start your own business can be quite a … Read more

How to sell what people want to buy

sell_what_people_want_to_buyOne of the hardest lessons I’ve ever learned is that people will only buy what they want to buy.

That sounds totally obvious, doesn’t it? In fact it wouldn’t be right or fair to persuade someone to buy something they didn’t want. So why is it so hard to actually sell what people want?

The first time I sold something was when I went to an agency and told them what I could do, which at that time was training on various software packages.  They would then match me up with an organisation that needed that temporarily needed that skill. So yes, I was selling what somebody wanted to buy.

But then I saw how much of my fee was being swallowed up by the agencies and I thought I’d try going direct to businesses instead. I created some course outlines based on what other training companies were offering and…well I didn’t get very far. A few days work here and there but that was about it.

The trouble was I didn’t stop to think about…

  • Which problem I was trying to solve for my customers
  • That they’d want a specialist rather than a jobbing trainer who did a whole range of courses
  • They’d be more likely to hire me if they’d  had a chance to get to know me first
  • I was trying to second-guess their needs. I could have just asked them instead.

That doesn’t just apply to trainers, by the way. It applies to anyone selling a service or a  physical product.

Fast forward a few years and I was putting together my first online training course. Actually it was a downloadable information product called Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur. This time I got to know a community (mums running their own businesses), I listened to their challenges and created an online course to help them solve one of them. Big step forward compared to last time. And yes, I actually sold a good few of them!

But I still wasn’t doing the one thing that would make the biggest difference. To ask questions.

It sounds so simple but so many people don’t do it (yes, me included). Here’s why I think we avoid asking our audience whether they’d like a product before we even create it:

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