Are you a micro business owner struggling to get a steady flow of work and customers?

Helen Lindop,
Software Consultant & Trainer

If you don’t have a steady workflow that means you can’t relax, let alone grow your business. You don’t have the stability you need to pay people to work with you and you’re stuck right where you are.

I can help you set up systems to enable you to stay in touch with the clients and leads you already have. After all, you’re much more likely to make a sale from someone who has bought from you before than a total stranger.

I use tech to streamline micro-business sales and marketing systems, which saves you a ton of time but still leaves your clients feeling loved.

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How I can help you

Advice & training 

I can save you a ton of time and effort by recommending the right tools for your business, then training you to use them effectively.

Set up & management

I can set up and take care of your email marketing system, contact/customer database or even your online course.

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Then sit back, relax and enjoy the time you've saved!

"Helen is an integral team member as part of an internationally recognised education programme. She has been influential, reliable and a huge support as we reworked and relaunched the programme. As part of her remit, Helen manages our member database, mailing lists and communications, website and is a key player in launching our new learning management system."

Helen Jacobi, association management specialist

"I asked Helen to help me get set up on MailChimp. She saved me hours of time and I know it's all going to work properly. I highly recommend working with her." 

Rachel Extance, communications consultant

"Helen is a problem solver at heart which compliments her experience and puts her at the helm of any digital marketing challenges our clients have." 

Nicole Bilham, Wild Bird Marketing


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Based in Bedford, UK