How to be less dependent on social media marketing

Not so long ago, social media was the cool new kid in small business marketing. Email marketing sounded old hat in comparison and I saw plenty of blog posts explaining why email marketing was dead. I never believed that of course, because however cool social media was, you were never in complete control of your … Read more

How to streamline your small business tech

So you’d like to make more money and save time by streamlining your small business tech. But how do you actually do that when you’re pushed for time and overwhelmed by the tools out there? What works in a larger business probably won’t work with a micro business, partly because you have less time and … Read more

How to survive the summer in business

Does your business take a nosedive in the summer months? It can be tricky balancing the demands of clients and family, keeping on top of things, and still making money, not to mention dealing with clients who dump everything on you and disappear for 2 weeks. Read my tips on for keeping your business running smoothly … Read more