Do you feel like you’re an IT support desk for your clients?

Do your clients treat you as if you’re IT support when you’re not? Do they send you angry emails because they can’t download your files, get access to your online events or generally use the tech that we all rely on to do our jobs now? Do they skim-read over simple instructions and contact you … Read more

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How can I save money on my email marketing platform?

You know how sometimes the same questions come up over and over again? Just recently  ‘Mailchimp is costing me too much – how can I save some money?’ has been one of mine. Before I go any further, I’m not taking a pop at Mailchimp in particular, in fact I suspect this is because they … Read more

How to sell tickets to your Zoom event using Eventbrite

We’re all a lot more familiar with Zoom than we used to be…erm, thanks Covid19! But what do you do if you want to sell tickets to your Zoom event? The good news is that you can connect Zoom to Eventbrite, so when you sell a ticket in Eventbrite, that person is automatically registered in … Read more