How to make (or buy!) a great tutorial video

make a tutorial videoIn this post I’ll give you some tips to think about if you want to make a tutorial video yourself, or what to look out for if you’re buying the rights to use someone else’s videos or you’ve hired someone to make videos for you.

It might help to give you a bit of background first, though. I was a face-to-face trainer – mainly a software trainer – for many years. Then, nine years ago I had a job where part of the team was in Mumbai. I went out to train them once, but obviously I couldn’t do that for every small software update so I started running webinars. Then some team members wanted a recording of the webinar and eventually it made sense to offer some training in video format, too. I loved the way people could access video training any time of night or day to suit themselves, so when I wanted to create my own courses for my own sites, video is what I did. Last year I launched four of my own courses at Udemy, too.

It was at Udemy that I learned a lot about making video courses. This was partly because their strict audio/video quality rules meant I had to up my game. But in watching some other people’s courses as a student, I learned about what worked well and what became tedious very quickly. And yes, I had done some of the tedious things in my own courses in the past, but I stopped immediately after that!

So here are my 6 tips on what to look for if you want to make a tutorial video:

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Which social media platform is best for your micro business?

Which social media best for business

Not so long ago there was just a handful of social media platforms to think about when promoting your micro or solo business. Since then many more have appeared and some have grown at a mind-boggling rate (Yes, I’m looking at you, Pinterest and Instagram…).

Not only does each platform have a different following and feel, you need to invest a fair bit of time and effort in a platform to get results. Deciding where to invest your time and effort can feel like a big commitment, especially when you haven’t really got to grips with how a platform works just yet.

That’s what I’m going to help you with in this post.

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How I launched my e-course on WordPress and relaunched it on Zenler


The Fast Start Up was my first ‘proper’ video course. I’m delighted to tell you that after 7 months of being on the back burner it’s now up and running on a new platform! Hurray!

In this post I’ll tell you the story behind the course, the tools I used to create it and what I learned along the way.

First of all, let me tell you a bit more about why I created The Fast Start Up

When I was looking for a home business idea a few years ago, I did what everyone does and Googled it.What I found was pretty useless, actually. It was collection of people trying to recruit me to multi-level marketing schemes (tried that – I lasted less than 2 months), textbook business advice that applied to bigger businesses but less to tiny ones, entrepreneurial biographies that were inspiring, but with very little practical information and a world away from my own experience, plus advice from business coaches about how I should follow my passion.

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