Need help with streamlining your sales and marketing tech – that’s great, I’m happy to help!

Whether you’re just getting started with sales and marketing tech or you need to upgrade your system, I have a service for you…

Helen Lindop,
Software Consultant & Trainer

Here’s how I work:

  1. Take a look at what I can offer, below.
  2. Contact me to arrange a no obligation call to see if we’re a good fit.
  3. I’ll send you a proposal and a quote.

Set up your system

Email Marketing Set Up Package

I can set up your first simple email marketing system, including:

  • Set up one landing page – either on your website or in your email marketing platform
  • Set up one mailing list
  • Set up a free PDF to download when subscribers join the list (PDF supplied by you)
  • Set up an automated welcome email
  • Import up to 100 subscribers from a spreadsheet supplied by you
  • Test to check all is working correctly
  • A quick tour of how I’ve set it up (around 20 minutes on Skype or Zoom)
  • Using the email marketing platform of your choice, or ask for my recommendation based on your business needs

From £150 (one-off)

Add ons

To add additional landing pages, downloads, lists or email sequences, either on set-up or later on – please contact me for a quote.

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True, there are loads of tutorials online, but there’s nothing like a human being walking you through it step-by-step, answering your questions along the way. I can train you either on the system I have just set up for you, or on your email marketing platform or CRM tool  in general.

Delivered by Zoom online meetings, so you can be anywhere in the world.

From £50 for an hour

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Customer Relationship Management Set Up

I can set up your CRM software including:

  • Advice on the best software for your business
  • Importing data
  • Creating users
  • Setting up pipelines, reports and customisations.

From £100

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Grow your system

Migration Package

I can move your mailing lists to an entirely new email marketing platform which is right for your business needs now and gives you room to grow, too. Includes:

  • Recommending the best platform for your business needs
  • Writing a plan for how to approach this project, keeping the disruption to your business to a minimum
  • Exporting your subscribers from your old platform
  • Importing subscribers to the new platform, tagging them as you wish
  • Recreating or updating a landing page, either on your website or email marketing platform
  • Recreate welcome emails, including free PDF downloads
  • Test to check all is working correctly

From £150, depending on the number of lists and subscribers (one-off)


Add ons

Add additional landing pages, downloads, lists or email sequences, either when the bulk of your subscribers are moved or later on – please contact me for a quote..

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Want to hook up your shopping cart with your email marketing service so buyers are added to your mailing list and (if you want) tagged with what they bought so you can send them product-specific emails later? Or get your WordPress membership plugin to send email sequences from your email marketing platform? I can do that, and many other integrations too. Please contact me with more details for a quote.

From £100 (one-off)

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Tidy up and/or tag subscribers

Like cars, email marketing lists need regular maintenance. If subscribers haven’t opened your emails in months the chances are they won’t ever buy from you – in fact they are costing you money! Plus people who have unsubscribed need removing, or at least archiving, to comply with GDPR.

Perhaps your list is ‘clean’ but you’d like subscribers tagged according to what they’ve bought from you so you can target emails more effectively in future?

Please contact me for a quote.

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Care Plan

Marketing automation is a fast-moving area. The software is constantly being updated and your business’s needs are developing all the time, too. With my care plan you don’t have to rely on guess-work and frantic Googling every time something changes, you have me on your team. Here are the things I could do for you:

  • Got a question on how to do something in your email marketing platform? I can hop on a quick Zoom call with you and talk you through it.
  • Suspect something isn’t working right? I’ll log in and take a look at it for you.
  • Is that WordPress plugin that integrates with your mailing list misbehaving? I can take a look (I’m happy to work with your web designer if you have one).
  • Need to sanity-check a new email marketing strategy that popped into your head late last night before you unleash it on the world? I’m your woman.
  • Delete or archive your unsubscribes

From £50 a month

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Email Marketing Management

Send me an article and links to your promotions each month, and I’ll send make sure they are sent out as attractive emails, suitable for viewing on desktops, laptops and mobile devices of all screen-sizes.


  • Advice on how to best present your content (length, images, layout)
  • Customising a template provided by your email marketing platform with your logo, branding and images so it looks like it was designed just for your business
  • Laying out your content in the email campaign template, testing it on various screen sizes
  • Scheduling and sending your email campaign monthly

Initial template set-up fee from £50 (one off)

Monthly fee from £50 for one email – contact me for a quote for more than one email a month

Want me to supply the content too? Please contact me for a quote

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Can’t see what you need above? Please get in touch for a custom quote.

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