I like to keep things simple…

I work with small business owners who often need a mix of consultancy, tech services and training. Every small business is unique and needs a different mix, so my fees are based on a ‘credits’ system.

A credit covers:

  • A 60 minute consultancy or training session over Zoom (it can be recorded if you like), or…
  • Approximately an hour of tech support or set up. I don’t like to nit-pick over a few minutes here and there or charge you for a quick email that answers a simple question, so if your task takes a bit more than an hour I will include it in the credit. To see the types of tech support and set up I can do for you, please see my services page.

I can mix and match, so if you need half an hour of consultancy and around half an hour of tech support, that would be one credit in total.

You can order more credits than you need right away so that you have some ‘in hand’ for support a few months down the line.

How to order:

  1. Take a look at what I can offer you on my services page, or the kind of work I have done before on my portfolio page.
  2. Contact me to arrange a no obligation call to see if we’re a good fit.
  3. I’ll give you an estimate of how many credits your project will take and an approximate start date.
  4. If you’d like to proceed, I’ll send you an invoice for the deposit of 50% (or you can pay in full if that’s easier).
  5. I’ll start work on the agreed start date.

Credit packs:

  • 1 credit – £85
  • 3 credits – £240
  • 5 credits – £375
  • 7 credits – £490

Prices are in UK pounds, I can also invoice you in UK dollars, if you prefer. Please contact me if you’d like to pay in dollars (I’m happy to discuss any other currency, too).