Here are some of the projects I have worked on. If you have a project that you think I could help with, please do get in touch.

Please note until recently I offered mainly set up and training services and this is reflected in the projects below. I’ve now expanded to include email marketing management.

Troubleshooting, relaunching  and training for a MailChimp newsletter

Sophie Wadsworth, Communications Consultant

Sophie’s web designers created her website and integrated it with MailChimp via Gravity Forms a couple of years before she got in touch with me. She had never sent mailings using MailChimp and although her web designer had given her some initial training, after two years she needed a refresher.

First, I tested that the integration between WordPress and Mailchimp was working and it turned out that there was a fault, possibly caused by a failed plugin update. We asked Sophie’s web designer to investigate and it was fixed. Then, I…

  • Set up a branded email template in Mailchimp
  • Cleaned her mailing list as many spam emails had been added which needed to be removed
  • Merged two audiences (lists) into one as she only needed a single newsletter list from then on.
  • Provided training using Zoom, a bespoke PDF quick reference guide and support for her to create and send her first newsletter before an agreed deadline.

Website: Sophie Wadsworth Consulting

Marketing newsletter

My own newsletter

My newsletter is written to help small businesses succeed at email marketing while juggling all the other tasks that small business owners have to manage.

Here are some examples of recent campaigns:

When life gets in the way of your marketing

Should you offer discounts in your email marketing?

Website: HelenLindop.com/newsletter

Automated sales funnel using Payhip, Zapier and Mailerlite

Maxine Harley, psychotherapist

Maxine has a WordPress website and uses Payhip as a shopping cart to sell ebooks in PDF format. She wanted to set up a sales funnel in Mailerlite where subscribers could enter their email addresses on a landing page, receive a free download and then receive a series of emails over the next few days, promoting one of her premium ebooks.

Also, people who purchased her ebooks needed to be added automatically to a specific buyer list (group) in Mailerlite so they could receive a different email sequence helping them to apply the learning inside the particular ebook they had bought.

I advised Maxine on the best platforms to achieve this because one option was to switch Payhip for another platform that integrates directly with Mailerlite. Then, I set up Zapier so that when a specific ebook was sold in Payhip, the buyer was added to the correct Mailerlite group for that book and removed from the group of subscribers who had downloaded the free PDF. Finally, I set up Mailerlite so that the buyer email sequence was triggered when the buyer joined the group.

Website: MaxineHarley.com

Setting up email automations and improving email open & response rates for digital courses

Further Education College

I created a series of email automations to improve engagement and streamline email communications as part of a flexible learning course as a further education college.

Please see this blog post for more information.

MailChimp training and digital marketing advice

Wini Thomas, Osteopath

Wini is an old friend of mine and I built her WordPress site several years ago when I was thinking of becoming a web designer. Back then, I optimised her site for search engines and she now gets most of her enquiries from a mix of word of mouth referrals and Google searches.

Wini is an osteopath who is also passionate about healthy living, so she was keen to share her wide experience of fitness, healthy eating and food with her audience. I set up MailChimp so that her website visitors can subscribe to her mailing list, then trained her to edit her own MailChimp email template so that it has the look and feel of a print healthy living magazine. Her newsletter is called ‘Chit Chats’ because it includes all the things she’d like to tell her patience but doesn’t have time to do when she is treating them!

Website: Wini Thomas,

Copywriting and Content


I created a Udemy course, including writing/recording all the content and the copy on the sales page. Facebook marketing for small business

I produced packs of ‘white label’ courses for website and membership owners to publish on their own sites, including all video content, written content and sales pages. Here is an example of a course content marketing for small businesses and here is a video describing how I promoted these courses using affilite marketing.

I co-wrote a book called Start a Family Friendly Business.

My YouTube video with over 40k views.

I have written SEO-optimised website content for small businesses.

I have taught English up to GCSE pass level (grade C/4) to adults in a further education college.

Moving mailing lists from New Zenler to a WordPress site with membership plugin and Mailerlite

Speedy Email Marketing Club (my own site)

I built SpeedyDigital.co.uk using WordPress and membership plugin AR Member, then integrated it with MailerLite so I could keep members up to date by email.

Then, I moved my mailing list subscribers over from New Zenler to MailerLite. I set up embedded opt-in forms on both HelenLindop.com and in the footer of SpeedyDigital.co.uk so people who are not members of the Speedy Club could join a different MailerLite group to receive my newsletter.

Sending emails from a  WordPress site isn’t recommended and can lead to poor deliverability, so I added an SMTP plugin and configured the DNS settings of speedydigital.co.uk to improve this.

Before this, the Speedy Email Marketing Club was hosted on the New Zenler platform where I used the integrated email marketing system provided by the platform. This included all the features you would expect including forms, filters and segmentation.

I closed Speedy Digital in 2023 in order to focus on my email marketing management service.

Managing a learning management system, newsletter, online events and website

European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals (2017 to 2021, part time & freelance)

I managed the EACTP website, email newsletter and was the ‘tech crew’ for online events and as well as managing the EACTP learning management system.

Website: www.eactp.eu