About Helen


I started out as a software trainer back in the 1990s. Over the years I trained many different people on software such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and specialist software for education and manufacturing. Eventually I moved into training on customer relationship management (CRM) software training for large IT Services companies.

After my two children were born a year apart I could no longer be a travelling trainer, so I switched to the micro-business world (businesses with 1 to 10 staff). I created online marketing courses and even co-authored a book.

Then I noticed that most of these micro businesses were missing something important. Much of their marketing activity was going to waste because these businesses weren't keeping track of their leads and following up effectively. Many also found email marketing a headache even though it's an incredibly effective marketing method for a micro business. With my 'there's an app for that' software background I knew I could help.

(If you'd like to know more about my business story, please take a look at this blog post.)

As well as being a Fairy Geekmother I'm Bedford group leader for Drive The Network, a business networking group with no elevator pitches, just good connections.

In my spare time I'm an amateur artist and my art has been on display in several exhibitions around Bedford. I enjoy a bit of cartooning, too.

If you'd like a chat, please drop me an email helen@helenlindop.com

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