Let me help you tune-up your email marketing

this November

Got the feeling that you could be doing more with your email list…but you don’t know what?

Is it just another marketing chore you need to keep on top of, when it should be bringing you more clients and sales?

I can help! And now is a great time to get things straight for a stress-free start to 2024.

Spend and hour with me on Zoom and together we can look at one or more of:

  • Platform: Are you using the right email marketing platform for your business?
  • Content: How often do you send emails? What do you send and is it working for your business? Do you have the right balance of value emails vs sales emails?
  • Reports: What are your reports telling you and how you can best use that info?
  • Subscriber data: Do your old subscribers need deleting? Would it help to segment or tag your subscribers so you can send more tailored emails?
  • Automation: Could you save time with automation, but still keep the human touch?
  • Anything else that’s on your mind…as long as it’s email related!

I’ll take a ‘quick wins’ approach and tell you which of the improvements you could make will have the biggest immediate impact right away, leaving the ‘nice to have but not so urgent’ suggestions for later on.


  • One Zoom session (with a recording).
  • I can log into your email marketing platform and take a look inside (but it’s totally up to you).
  • I’ll email you my list of recommendations, broken down into quick wins and longer term suggestions, after the session.

Costs: Just £149

I have just four slots available before I start jury service on 27th November. I’m not 100% sure when I’ll be back at my laptop so catch me while you can!

Send me a message to book your tune-up…

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Hi, I’m Helen Lindop

I help small businesses get more clients, increase your profits and have even more impact using email marketing.

“Helen Lindop is testament to the power of doing useful things consistently, not re-inventing the wheel, and providing real value in the most practical, straightforward way that brings real results to every business.” Ann Hawkins, Drive The Network