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Here’s a list of the CRM articles I’ve written:

What is CRM for your micro business?

If you run a micro business, that’s a business with 1 to 10 staff, then you’re insanely busy. That’s because you have a finger in most, if not all of the business pies, right from sales and marketing to customer service and delivering the product. You may even have to make the tea, too! So the chances are you don’t have much time to think about a CRM for your micro business. But with a little time and attention, a customer relationship management system could save you a lot of time, stop money from leaking out of your business and build a solid foundation that enables your business to grow.

7 Reasons why a CRM is better than a spreadsheet

I know I’m a bit of a geek, but I’m a huge fan of Excel. I even use it on my Smartphone to keep track of the scores while I’m playing crazy golf with my kids! But even I would prefer to use a CRM (customer relationship management tool) to Excel, find out why in this post.

What’s the difference between a CRM (customer relationship management software) and an email service provider?

Does a CRM tool (customer relationship management software) store customer’s email addresses and allow you email them? If so, what’s the difference between that and an email service provider like Mailchimp, Active Campaign or Constant Contact? And do you really need both?

It can all get a bit confusing, so let me explain the differences and where they sometimes overlap.

Choosing a CRM for your micro business

How do you go about choosing a CRM for your micro business? I hang around in a lot of Facebook groups for very small business and the question ‘which CRM are you all using?’ comes up a lot. This is usually followed by someone saying ‘whoa, I had no idea there were so many!’ But the obvious follow-on question that I don’t often see is ‘How do I choose between them?’ That’s what prompted me to write this post.

Are you using a software sledgehammer to crack a nut?

Avoid this common mistake when choosing a CRM, or any sales and marketing software.

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