How to reduce background noise in your videos

When you’re making videos, it’s easy to focus on the visuals and forget about the sound quality. But having good, clear, crisp sound in your video is essential. Background noise in videos can be incredibly distracting and could make your viewers stop watching completely. You’ll only need to watch a handful of random YouTube videos to see … Read more

How to make a PowerPoint video

Did you know you could make a PowerPoint video? Yes, using just PowerPoint and nothing else? Well, you can! Some members of my Really Useful Web Video Tips Facebook group (please do join, we’d love to have you!) wanted to know more about using PowerPoint for video so I recorded this tutorial for them. In it,  I’ll show … Read more

Tuesday video tips: Use a tripod!

I started a new Facebook group a few weeks back called Really Useful Web Video Tips. Here’s a bit more about it if you missed my last post (and if you’d like to join use we’d love to have you on board). Every weekday we have a theme where we share the videos we’ve made, what … Read more