Which social media platform is best for your micro business?

Which social media best for business

Not so long ago there was just a handful of social media platforms to think about when promoting your micro or solo business. Since then many more have appeared and some have grown at a mind-boggling rate (Yes, I’m looking at you, Pinterest and Instagram…).

Not only does each platform have a different following and feel, you need to invest a fair bit of time and effort in a platform to get results. Deciding where to invest your time and effort can feel like a big commitment, especially when you haven’t really got to grips with how a platform works just yet.

That’s what I’m going to help you with in this post.

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Why you should never ‘cull’ your Facebook friends

facebook friend cull

One of the challenges of using social media marketing in a small business is that it’s incredibly hard to separate the business from the personal. Of course, we all need to get away from our business every now and then and (shock, horror!)  have a life outside work, but this can be easier said than done. My solution is to accept this and make the best of it while also keeping my sanity intact.

Mostly, anyway.

Take Facebook. In theory we should be able to keep our business activity on our Facebook page and our friends and family on our personal timeline. But it won’t be long before the business spills over into the personal. Because in small business we do business with individuals, and the individual is to be found on their personal timeline, not their Facebook page.

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How to generate leads from Facebook groups

Facebook groups are great for building relationships, trust and for positioning yourself as an expert. But using them to generate leads for a mailing list isn’t straightforward. One key difference between Facebook groups and internet forums is that you don’t have a signature in a Facebook group, so it’s essential to set up your personal … Read more

How to write a professional LinkedIn profile

In this quick interview with Judy Parsons (the LinkedIn Lady!) you’ll get some great tips on writing a really effective and professional LinkedIn profile. I caught up with Judy last week at the end of the Women On The Business Stage Social Media Fest training where we were both trainers. Here is Judy’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/judithparsons … Read more