Should I give this away for free?

We are living through strange times. There’s no doubt we’ll all need to pitch in and be good neighbours in the next few months and many of us are ready and willing to help. But I’m seeing some small business owners wondering if they should be charging for their services at all in these COVID … Read more

Has that got a ‘buy now’ button?

Struggling to get customers to buy from you when you’re having a conversation? In this post I’ll share a simple technique that works for me. Read any advice on starting a business and you’ll be given many different things to think about – marketing, branding, accounting, paying taxes, bookkeeping, customer service… the list goes on. … Read more

Cheat sheet for writing sales pages that sell

I mainly write about streamlining your sales and marketing tech, but the best tech set-up in the world isn’t going to make you any money unless your sales pages inspire people to reach for their credit cards. Most of my clients are people with an absolute ton of experience in their specialist areas, but when … Read more

The money is in the follow up

I’m going to file this post under ‘you know you should do this, but ARE you doing it?’ Because if you’re not, you’re almost certainly losing money! Follow up after networking events I’m a regular networker (and by regular I mean I attend networking events regularly, rather that I’m normal 🙂 ) and it boggles … Read more

Are you selling to the right people?

If you’re like me, you went to school or university to learn skills that would one day get you a job that used those skills. Selling whatever that product or service happened to be would be someone else’s job. So getting to grips with sales when you start your own business can be quite a … Read more