Why it’s better to create than consume

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This morning I was browsing the Smart Passive Income Facebook group and a group member mentioned that he’s just read Chris Guillebeau’s new book Born For This. He said he’d found it good, but the content was basically the same as books by many other authors, and had anyone else noticed this?

My take on this is that although demand for this kind of book is almost insatiable, the basic advice they can give you is limited. It usually boils down to something like…

1. Decide what you want to do with your life

2. Reduce your debts and simplify your life

3. Look at what product or service is in demand and meet that need

4. Set a goal and make a plan

5. Implement

That’s just the way it works. So each author is mostly putting his or her own spin on the same information. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because they are just practicing what they preach in step 3. But eventually many readers realise that even though they’ve heard it all before they are no further forward.

At that point the message you hear – loudly – from many personal development experts is ‘TAKE ACTION!’ This has its merits, but it can also take you down the road of being very busy but having little to show for it in terms of results. Because after spending a bit too long reading and accumulating knowledge it’s tempting to burst into action and do everything at once. What you’re missing then is direction. And without results, you’ll eventually burn out.

So what’s the answer?

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Money mindset and manifesting

money mindset manifesting

Lately there’s been a trend among business experts and coaches. It’s about your money mindset and clearing your money blocks.

There’s absolutely no surprise there – wanting more money is one of the basic desires we all have, even if we don’t like to admit it. It’s so central to our security and survival that we can’t help but pay it attention. We all have baggage around money, and for most of us giving this some attention and removing the beliefs that are holding us back is going to be very helpful.

But I never take what the experts say at face value. Not because I’m a cynic, but because I do my best to think critically. I’m interested in what these experts ask me to do, but I’m even more interested in what they do themselves.

(Sometimes these two are totally different…but I’ll get into that another day!)

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