Why getting up at 4am won’t make you a success

“Are you a failure? Try waking up earlier, slacker”. That’s the first line from one of the gazillion posts you’ll find online about how successful people wake up at 4am. Last week Eliza Do Lots, who is one of our friends at Drive The Network , said she’d been part of a Facebook group where … Read more

Interview on Bedford Radio: Why you need a freelance mindset

It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by Anita Powell of the new Bedford Radio a couple of weeks ago. Anita saw that our town needed a way to bring its different communities together and decided to start Bedford Radio late last year. She was a great interviewer, too. Great at putting me at … Read more

Fame, confidence and what I got up to at the weekend

One day I opened an email and nearly fell off my chair with surprise. “As founder of BritMums, Jen and I would like to extend an invitation for you to speak at the BritMums Live conference on 21/22 June in London. It’s the largest gathering in the UK of its kind, we are already sold … Read more