What to look for in an email marketing freelancer from the UK

You know email marketing is really effective but you aren’t doing it consistently because it takes time and ‘mental bandwidth’ that you just don’t have. It makes sense to outsource your email marketing and free up your time. But how do you choose a freelancer who will bring you a return on your investment without … Read more

5 reasons why you really should email your subscribers

So you’ve got an email list and some subscribers, but something is still holding you back from emailing them regularly. Do you feel email marketing is pushy, that you’re bothering people or even being a little spammy? Let me give you five reasons why you should change your mind: 1) They want to hear from … Read more

Is MailChimp the best email service provider for micro businesses?

Which email marketing service do you use? Over the last few weeks I’ve been asking micro business owners this question and MailChimp was the most popular by a long way, which gave me the idea for this post. If you’re shopping around for an email service provider you’ll find tons of reviews and comparisons online. … Read more