Four reasons why social media is just like PR

social_mediaThere’s no doubt that there’s a lot of hype surrounding social media marketing. And if that gives you an uneasy feeling that you could risk spending hours tweeting, blogging and updating Facebook yet see very few results, then you’ll be reassured by what I’m going to show you in this post.

Social media is maturing, and that means that it is now being used by your average person out there (instead of just the geeks, kids, marketing types and other early adopters that used it a few years back), which in turn means you can reach more people now. It also means that it’s now being integrated into the other marketing methods that businesses have been using for years. It’s just one of the tools in your marketing toolkit.

Don’t get me wrong, social media an incredibly powerful marketing tool if used the right way. But you certainly can use good old-fashioned marketing common sense to make it work for your business – it’s not as new or radical as some experts would like you to believe.

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to Chartered PR consultant Penny Norton speak about using PR (public relations) in small business when I realised that social media works in the same way as PR. In fact it is part of PR. And if getting an article about your business in the local paper could bring in some new clients, then surely using social media effectively could do the same?

Here are four ways that social media is like PR, including some techniques we can borrow from PR to use in social media:

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