Has your email marketing slipped lately? Here’s what to do…

Well, this is a bit embarrassing. Here I am encouraging people to ‘do’ email marketing and I haven’t actually sent an email myself in quite a while. If the same has happened to you, all is not lost.

I do have a good reason for not emailing, and I expect you do, too. We’ve all been living through a pandemic which has turned our lives and businesses upside down. Thankfully I’m fine and my family are all fine, but we’ve been homeschooling since mid-March. As my family and clients have been my priorities during that time, writing blog posts and making YouTube videos have had to go on the back-burner. So I haven’t had a lot to share lately, which means not many emails. I know many other small businesses haven’t wanted to bombard their subscribers with yet more ‘in these unprecedented times’ emails and some have lost their writing mojos altogether.

Don’t be afraid to get started again when you’re ready. I’m sure your subscribers will be sympathetic, after all we’ve all been living though this pandemic together. Life and work has changed dramatically for many people, so you’re likely to get some unsubscribes from people who are no longer a good fit for what you do, and that’s fine too.

Look at what you have done, not what you haven’t

just think how far you've come image
Doodle by me after a DriveTheNetwork.com workshop with Jo Twisleton in June.

If you feel like you’ve let your sales and marketing slip, it can help to look at what you have achieved, instead of that you haven’t. I’ve had a few successes lately, including being added to the Mailerlite Experts Directory here and taking a little ActiveCampaign training so I can better support my clients who need a more advanced platform than Mailerlite. (Having said that, I’m currently setting up a Mailerlite/Woocommerce integration, so there’s a lot Mailerlite can do.)

The Mailerlite course I was planning to launch in Spring still isn’t finished, unfortunately. But that’s given me the chance to do more one-to-one Mailerlite training with clients, which has shown up more content that needs to go in the course. That will make the course a better one than I originally planned when I finally get it done.

Silver linings and all that.

Podcast interview: Email marketing definitely isn’t dead

Shortly before lockdown started I was a guest on Jo Barnes’ Your Lifestyle Business podcast talking about why email marketing isn’t dead, which was published this week here. Do have a listen if you need something to remind you why you should be doing email marketing!

Have a free download, even if you’re not ready yet

I’ve had a steady trickle of people downloading my free ‘create an online course’ pack here, which isn’t bad considering I haven’t had time to promote it! So its always worth having a freebie download on your website gathering subscribers, even if you won’t have a chance to do much about it for a while.

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