Giving all your digital products away for free during coronavirus. Should you do it?

I’m finding it heartbreaking that so many talented people are giving away too much for free in the coronavirus period. In the video below I share:

  • The reasons why you might feel the urge to give it all away for free (they are probably not what you think)
  • Just how damaging it could be to your brand and business if you act on this urge
  • …and what you should do instead

I also include…

  • How to communicate the value of digital products when they are just pixels on a screen and electrons coming down a cable. These days you don’t even get a DVD or book in the post. How do you put a price on that?
  • How the freemium pricing model can trip up many newcomers to selling digital products, and how to overcome it.
  • Why, to sell digital products, you need to challenge many the messages your own mind will give you. And possibly some your own family will give you, too.

Ironically, none of this is caused by us being in a global pandemic, but the pandemic may make it harder to deal with.

I apologise for the less-than-ideal audio on this video, but I’m working late at night around homeschooling so I dropped the ball a bit on this one! I feel it’s important enough that I’d rather see it up on YouTube than gathering dust on my hard drive, so I’m putting it out there anyway.

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