How to move a live workshop online

Need to move your face-to-face workshop online, quickly? The good news it you don’t have to do it all on Zoom, there are many other options that could be much more engaging and effective. Find out more about these, and how to mix them up into a full workshop, in my video.

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The tools I mention in the video are:

  • Zoom, Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Padlet
  • Dropbox / Google Drive
  • Password protect pages on WordPress site
  • Hashtag on social media
  • Facebook Group (units)
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube unlisted videos
  • Email marketing platform
  • Google Classroom (GSuite additional service)

But do take a look at the video because I explain how you could use these alongside video conferencing to make a better workshop. It’s now week five of the lockdown and we’re all feeling the Zoom fatigue!

If you’d like me to expand what I talk about in this video into a course or workshop, please post me a comment below.

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