Why you should take a fresh look at Aweber: quick tour of campaigns and automations

I guess this is one way of scheduling your mail?

In this post I explained that I’d switched over from MailChimp to Aweber a few years ago because I wanted to do more affiliate marketing, which is against MailChimp’s terms. I don’t think I gave Aweber enough credit in that post, so I’m back to tell you a bit more, especially the new Aweber campaigns and automations.

Aweber’s interface is very clear and easy to understand, their customer service is excellent and the service is great value for money. You can integrate it with almost any other tool, too. However, it did have a few snags that have now been sorted out. And until Brandon Olson, marketing communications manager at Aweber, found me on Twitter and gave me a demo, I didn’t understand exactly how much had changed.

The main problems with Aweber used to be:

a) You couldn’t move subscribers from one list to another

b) You couldn’t do all that much to organise subscribers on your lists, either

…which meant…

c) You ended up adding subscribers to multiple lists, and then you were charged for each time that subscriber appeared on a list. So if you had the same subscriber on 4 lists, you were charged for 4 subscribers.

But a lot has changed at Aweber. New campaigns and automations mean you can have far fewer lists* (you may even get away with one) and far better options for organising your subscribers. This is going to be a whole lot easier to show you in a video, so here you go:

The demo starts at 1 minute, 40 seconds:

The 30 day free trial of Aweber is here

*Brandon said that if you have a ton of lists that you’d like to merge into one, let Aweber support know and they’ll help you.

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