The top questions I’m asked about online course creation (plus the answers!)

online course creation questions

I’m asked a lot of online course creation questions and I do answer them! But lately my answers have been in different places at different times. Sometimes in my podcast, sometimes in Facebook groups and in other places, too.

So here’s a list of the top questions I’m asked in one easy-to-find place:

1. Why should I make an online course?

So let’s start at the beginning and look at why you should make an online course.  I give you four good reasons in the first episode of my Totally Courses podcast.

2. What about the technology? Should I upload my course to my own website? How do people pay for it?

‘How do I do the tech stuff’ is just about the biggest question of all, but you might be surprised to hear it’s not the best place to start planning your course creation. The best place to start is to understand who needs your course and exactly what problem you can solve from them. I walk you through this process in my Online Course Brainstorming Sheet, which you can download here (it’s free).

But when you are ready to explore the tech side of creating a course, this podcast episode is a great place to begin.

And if you’d like to know my top picks of the simple tools available, take a look at my Course Creation Resource List right at the top of

3. My online course creation Q and A for Drive The Network

In one hour of frantic typing I answered the course creation questions of the Drive The Network community including “What’s the optimum length of an online course?”, “What are the best alternatives to Udemy?” , “How much support should you offer?” and “Should you pre-sell your course?”

You can read all the answers here.

4. Do you have any questions about making videos?

Then please do come and join us in my Really Useful Web Videos Tips Facebook group. See you there!

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