I’m launching a new business networking group in Bedford (UK)

Update: The first meeting was a great success! Huge thanks to George Zitko of Zitko Consulting who told us about how he grew his business from his back bedroom to a highly respected specialist agency with six employees in just a few years. You can listen to a recording of his talk here.

Original article:

I’m launching a new business networking group in Bedford (UK) and I’d love to see you there. Let me tell you why I decided to become a networking group leader.

You know how working from home is supposed to be? Work whenever you want, in your pyjamas, any time of day or night? It sounds great – and the flexibility is amazing if you have family commitments – but there is a dark side. This summer it hit me that working from home wasn’t really working for me. True, it was great some of the time, but doing it all of the time was knocking my productivity, mood and my confidence. It was time to connect with more like-minded people local to me.

At about the same time Ann Hawkins began subtly suggesting I should start a Bedford group of Drive The Network. I first met Ann about five years ago at a women’s networking group in St Neots, Cambs which has now closed. We stayed in touch on social media and I really liked Ann’s style, which (as she says) is to network like a human being!  So no elevator pitches, no “you can’t come to our networking group because you’re a web designer and we’ve already got one of those”, no “here’s my business card, bye” drive-by networking, no forced referrals. Just good old fashioned getting to know, like and trust people. Both online and offline.

At that time I didn’t think it was for me because I didn’t feel I was a natural networker. Yes, whatever that means! Then I decided a) I really needed to connect with more people locally, b) I really liked Drive’s style, aims and members, and c) what the hell, you never know unless you try!

So here I am, the new group leader of Drive Bedford!

Our first event is at 44 Harpur Street, Bedford on 21 November, 10 am to 12pm.

I would love to see you there! If you have any family or friends local to me that might be interested it would be great if you could pass the message on, too.

Here’s the link with all the details:


Our speaker is George Zitko. George started his recruitment business in 2012. In 2013, working from his back bedroom, he was broke and almost decided to give up and get a job. George will share how he turned his business around to become one of the most respected and nationally recognised specialist recruitment consultancies in the UK.

You’ll also have a chance to decide what happens at Drive Bedford in the future.

See you there!

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