How to clean up audio in Camtasia Studio 8

Ever recorded a video and wanted to get rid of the sniffs, ums, errs, crackles and background noise? Here’s how to clean up audio in Camtasia.

The best way to get clean audio is to keep background noise to a minimum when you record and use a good microphone. Not only does this give you the best result, it also saves you a lot of time. Video editing can be really time-consuming, especially if you’re fairly new to it. And if you pay someone else to edit your videos this will save you money, too.

Sometimes you do need to clean up your audio when editing, though. Here’s how to do that in Camtasia Studio 8 (but it’s a similar process in other software):

By the way, I already have a video on how to minimise background noise when recording here, so do take a look at that before you start recording if possible.

Here’s the link for my done-for-you courses that I mentioned in this video:

If you’re wondering why I’m using Camtasia Studio 8 when version 9 was released a couple of weeks ago, well that’s a good question! My feeling is that most course and content video creators haven’t upgraded yet and won’t for a while. But I’ll keep my ear to the ground and start to switch over to version 9 when people need me to.

I now have a few really popular videos in my video editing playlist on YouTube. Maybe there’s a tutorial there that could help you with your video editing? You can take a look here.

Good luck with your audio, and if you need any more help you can find me in the Really Useful Web Video tips Facebook group!


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