How to reduce background noise in your videos

When you’re making videos, it’s easy to focus on the visuals and forget about the sound quality. But having good, clear, crisp sound in your video is essential. Background noise in videos can be incredibly distracting and could make your viewers stop watching completely. You’ll only need to watch a handful of random YouTube videos to see (OK, hear) what I mean!

The best way to eliminate background noise is when you’re recording as it’s easier than doing it at the editing stage. In this video I give you some cheap and easy ways to reduce background noise in your videos. And yes, I did hide under a blanket for part of this video!

If you’ve already recorded a video with less-than-ideal audio, then you can improve the sound quality using video and/or audio editing software. If you’s like me to make a video on that, then please leave me a comment!

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