Tuesday video tip: Don’t be boring

Here’s the latest Tuesday video tip, made for the folks in my Really Useful Web Video Tips group but shared in other places – like my blog – too! By the way, if you’d like to join us in the Facebook group you’d be very welcome.

It’s so tempting to be very serious and give out nothing but factual information when you make business videos. The truth is that nobody is short of information online these days and you need to add more than that if your videos are to stand out and be memorable. You don’t have to do anything outrageous or technically difficult. Often just allowing your personality to come across is enough, and you’ll still be head and shoulders above the boring videos out there.

But it’s worth taking a deep breath and trying something fun, creative and maybe even silly to see what response you get from your viewers.  Which is why I made this video with a silly hat and a Gruffalo. They were just a couple of props I had around the house, so with a little prep and planning you could easily come up with a creative video that gets across exactly the message you want in a memorable way.

Just don’t be boring!

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