Tuesday video tips: Use a tripod!

I started a new Facebook group a few weeks back called Really Useful Web Video Tips. Here’s a bit more about it if you missed my┬álast post (and if you’d like to join use we’d love to have you on board).

Every weekday we have a theme where we share the videos we’ve made, what we’re up to in our businesses or a tip or a tool for making video. Today’s theme is ‘Tip and Tool Tuesday’ so I decided to make my own video:

It’s only 1 min 40 seconds, so won’t take long to watch. But the gist of it is that I’ve seen loads of videos lately that make me feel a bit seasick – the content of the video is great but the camera is all over the place. ­čÖé

It’s really cheap and easy to stabilise your camera. You can get tripods that fold up and fit in your pocket, and you can see one of mine in the video. It makes a huge difference to the ‘watchability’ of your video, and with people having such short attention spans you need to eliminate everything you possibly can that will tempt┬áthem to lose interest in your video.

In fact, one of the members of the Facebook group asked how I got such a clear and crisp video. Maybe surprisingly, my smartphone is a few years old now and the camera isn’t particularly high spec by┬á2016 standards. What makes the difference is a tripod, lighting and getting close enough to the camera. And the great news is that most of that is cheap or free!

There are loads of tripods available for all types of smartphones and camera. Just pick one that suits your needs.

So my top video tip today is to┬áditch the wobbly selfie-style video and keep your camera still. I guarantee it’ll make a huge difference to your finished video.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday video tips: Use a tripod!”

  1. Neat Video there Helen. I really enjoy hearing people from the UK voices love the accents.
    I also believe if your going to be working with video a tripod is necessary. Tools for the trade as I call it. I also get sea sick from watching waving videos just do not care for them.

    All the Best

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