What I learned from my WordPress video PLR product launch last week

Last Wednesday I launched my first private label rights (PLR) product. The product was my WordPress video PLR course and it went really well. I sold over 100 products in four days even though my own list of people who use PLR was tiny. Most of my sales came from other people promoting my product as an affiliate, and was so pleased to have my product promoted by some well-known names in the PLR world.

Well, I may be new to PLR but I’ve been a software trainer for almost twenty years so that was a big advantage!

If you’re not familiar with private label rights, its content that you can buy and use as your own, which means you can publish it on your website as it is, or edit it to add your own voice and branding.

I’ve made a video to explain how I did it and the main lessons I learned. I hope it’ll be helpful to you if you’ve got your own launch coming up:

One of the main lessons I learned were that relationships are key to the whole process. Sometimes the world of online business feels as if it’s just you and your computer, but people really do want to know like and trust you if they are going to promote you.

Yes, it is quite daunting to put your product out there in front of people with a lot more experience than you – and there’s a possibility that you may get some feedback that make you a little uncomfortable. (Lucky for me, I didn’t although I was nervous that I might!) But unless you put yourself and your product out there then it isn’t going to sell.

wordpress video plr

If you’d like to know more, please take look at my PLR store TotallyPLR.com  or you can get some tips on how to use PLR on my Totally PLR blog.

11 thoughts on “What I learned from my WordPress video PLR product launch last week”

  1. Interesting Helen! I have a load of PLR products – someone suggested I look into it some months ago – but I thin I have mentioned before – there isn’t too much out there in the art world.

    But I have watched with interested what you have done with yours and congratulations on your success! I would have purchased it myself – if I could have thought of how I could have used it – but I am probably in the minority in your list.

    Are you planning another one? What are the benefits of using JV Zoo?

    • Hi Heather, thank you that’s very kind but I totally understand this is way outside your niche. 🙂 Yes, I’m working on my next product now. For me the main benefit of JVZoo is that the affiliates I wanted to work with were already regulars there. And because I wanted to promote this with affiliates (as far as I could tell, that’s how the PLR world works) it made sense to go where the affiliates were. JVZoo also had all the feature I needed including sales funnels, Aweber integration etc.

  2. Oh well done Helen! That’s brilliant, I’m so thrilled for you and you must be pleased too. The videos are some of the most popular on my site and I highly recommend your work

  3. So glad that the launch went well for you, especially as it was your first one. Reaching out to others pre-launch was so smart and much better than just connecting and asking for that promo. My list loved this product, and so did I. Appreciate the few tips that you shared with me as well.

    Looking forward to your next launch, don’t leave it too long!

    • That’s fantastic Sue, thanks again for your advice – it made a huge difference. And I’m already planning my next product. 🙂

    • Thanks Trevor, yes I forgot to mention that I offered 75% on the front end and 50% on the upsell and downsell. That seemed to be fairly standard for JVZoo launches so I went with that for my first one. I might consider 100% on the front end in future launches, but I’m going to give that some more thought.

  4. Helen, this was very helpful for me. I’m about to launch a product which is PLR as well. JVZoo kind of scares me though because of the intense marketing testosterone.

    I’ve purchased two things through that site, one being a good investment and another not so good.

    I’m uncomfortable with the process of clicking on something to buy and then being put through an upsell process without an option to opt-out. All I wanted was the product. ^_^

    I’m glad your experience was positive and you are totally right – people make all the difference. Being a solopreneur is far from a solo endeavor.

    • Hi Sara, glad it was helpful. I agree, there should always be a ‘no thanks’ link at the bottom of an upsell page and (in my opinion anyway) the upsell should always be a useful addition to the front end product rather than something you need to make the front end product work properly. I was also a little intimidated by the thought of the intense marketing testosterone (good description!) but it’s not been that bad. I guess people who don’t find my style intense enough for them will just ignore my product and move along. I wonder if what we see at JVZoo are the people who shout the loudest and there are tons of really genuine ‘normal’ (ha ha, sorry!) people there too, quietly working away on their websites, that you rarely hear from?


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