Making the most of your content: re-purpose a blog post into a video!

wobs comfort zoneJust a quick post from me today because it’s Friday afternoon and almost the weekend!

Blogging takes time. In fact it can take a lot of time. So why not get the most from your post by turning it into a video? The video can then be posted on YouTube and Facebook, as well as any other video platforms. It can be embedded in a web page, shared all over the Internet and if you start from a slide deck, you can upload it to Slideshare as a Powerpoint file or PDF.

Making a blog post into a video gives you many more options than just the text alone.

I thought it would be fun to demonstrate this, but I wanted to use some else’s blog post rather than my own.

The original post is here:

I chose this post because it’s got an activity in it rather than just delivering information. (What can I say, I’m a trainer, I love an activity!)

It’s a fairly simple screen recording, there aren’t too many bells and whistles here. Although getting all the animations to work as I wanted did take a bit of time.

I chose the black and white colour scheme because I liked the chalkboard-style image at the top of the blog post and wanted to see if I could turn that into an entire video.

Anyway, that’s enough from me, here’s the video!

Update, March 2018: There’s now a free tool that can convert blog posts to video called Lumen 5.

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