Money mindset and manifesting

money mindset manifesting

Lately there’s been a trend among business experts and coaches. It’s about your money mindset and clearing your money blocks.

There’s absolutely no surprise there – wanting more money is one of the basic desires we all have, even if we don’t like to admit it. It’s so central to our security and survival that we can’t help but pay it attention. We all have baggage around money, and for most of us giving this some attention and removing the beliefs that are holding us back is going to be very helpful.

But I never take what the experts say at face value. Not because I’m a cynic, but because I do my best to think critically. I’m interested in what these experts ask me to do, but I’m even more interested in what they do themselves.

(Sometimes these two are totally different…but I’ll get into that another day!)

The thing I’ve noticed here is that usually these experts are telling you to change your mindset and you’ll manifest money. Now this may well be true, but from my own experience and looking at what the experts do, this is fairly superficial advice. Because you can work all you like on your money mindset, but of you don’t have a path for the money to get to you, then it’s not going to work.

What I mean is that you need a) a product to sell that people want to buy (and it doesn’t have to be a product you’ve created yourself) b) a group of people who might, in the near future, want to buy it c) a way of staying in touch with those people so they can get to know and trust you and d) to keep emailing them with quality information and offers.

These experts aren’t all sitting on that beach thinking positive thoughts, they are building their email list, sending that quality content to that list on a regular basis and constantly creating and promoting products. The money mindset stuff can’t work without this foundation in place.

How do I know that? Well, see for yourself – how often are these experts emailing you or popping up in your Facebook feed or promoting each other’s products? Most of the time. They do it because it works.

And it tallies with my own experience too. I did some work on my beliefs about money a few years ago, but I didn’t actually start to make any consistent income online until I put the funnel I mentioned above in place.

So if you aren’t manifesting money the way the experts say you should be it might be worth looking to see if this piece of the puzzle is missing.

What do you think about money mindset and manifesting? Do leave me a comment and tell me!

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11 thoughts on “Money mindset and manifesting”

  1. I totally agree. Money mindset is really important and I think a lot of women do struggle to feel good about accepting money for something they’ve created themselves but you have to have everything else in place too. I work mainly with women in offline business and I do work on money mindset with my clients but I get their marketing and service offering in place first, otherwise there’s nothing to accept money for anyway.

    • Thanks Rachel, it’s surprisingly easy to feel down about a lack of sales but then, when you take a good look at your marketing and service offering, you realise there’s a big hole in it! I’ve actually done that myself in the past. In this situation, working on your money mindset will only get you so far.

  2. If I didn’t/ hadn’t thought positively about my business I wouldn’t have got going or got the bookings I have. Yes I have farther to go but it’s all down to getting in front of the right people.
    Great post Helen.

    • Thanks Sian, yes that’s a good point. You need that initial positivity and self belief to set up your sales and marketing system in the first place.

  3. Love this blog post Helen. I think a positive mindset is crucial in attracting money and abundance into our lives but it’s soooo true that just thinking positively on its own is just not enough!

  4. You can have the best mindset in the world but if you don’t have all the proper elements in place it isn’t going to work. It’s true these “experts” have built a huge list of email subscribers. If you take any advice it’s to build your own list of loyal fans, who are looking for your valuable content and eagerly await your emails because what’s contained inside can help them solve their problem. When you look at helping other people first everything else follows.

  5. My belief exactly. I always say, create the path the money can take to reach you, then match your mood and your mindset to what having the money would be like. Then it’s all about working with what’s happening, instead of insisting things unfold exactly as you want them to. We limit ourselves so much when we insist on the how looking the way we want, when miraculous results often come in the most unexpected ways.

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