My new course: How to use Facebook groups for marketing

udemy_facebook_groups_imageMy latest course is now live at!

Once again, I wanted to help solve the real problems that micro businesses are having with social media marketing. One of the main problems of the last year or so has been marketing using Facebook pages. Since mid-2014, it’s become a huge challenge for a micro business (0-9 employees) to get their Facebook page posts seen by the people who have liked their page.

One solution is to pay for advertising, but many micro business owners don’t…

– Have the skills do do that effectively, or

– The time to learn how to do it right, or

– The budget to outsource it to a consultant.

And even if they can do one of those things, they want to keep their ad budget as low as they possibly can. And who can blame them?

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’ll want to seriously consider using Facebook groups for marketing. Here’s why:

– Posts in Facebook group posts are far more likely to appear in member’s feeds compared to posts on a Facebook page.

– If you do it right, you can use a group to build trust, grow relationships and position yourself as the go-to expert.

– You’re not just promoting a product, you’re building a community of fans who will tell each other how great your product or service is and invite their friends too.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. As an administrator of several groups for micro business owners, I know first-hand how many of them go about their marketing in precisely the wrong way.

Far from bringing in new clients and sales from groups, they annoy people, risk having their Facebook account closed for engaging in commercial activity where it isn’t allowed or simply waste their marketing efforts on techniques that don’t work.

That’s what gave me the idea for my latest course, How to use Facebook groups for marketing.

Here’s a taster of one of the videos from the course:

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