How to create and sell your own information products

I’ve just finished my Google Hangout with Ann Hawkins where we chatted about creating and selling information products.

Here it is…

We had a few technical snags and I ended up having to do everything from my smart phone, which explains the less than ideal sound and image quality (plus my ceiling in the background!)

Ann asked me some really interesting questions including –

– Why did I create my Online Business Club?

– Is it best to build an audience first then launch a product? Or to do it the other way around?

– What’s the best type of product to start with?

– How can you sell your product?

– Is the ‘freemium’ model a good one? (That’s when you give a basic product away for free and then charge for a premium version)

– Do you need a website?

– We even touched upon the implications of the EU VAT changes on small information product creators. (Here’s more info on how I handled this with my Online Business Club)

If you have any other questions, do drop me a comment below and I’d be happy to answer them for you.

If you’d like to know more about my Online Business Club (and try it out for seven days for less than £1) just click here.

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2 thoughts on “How to create and sell your own information products”

  1. Great recording Helen and lots of gems of practical advice and direction. Would recommend anyone who thinks ‘I want to make some money selling e books or courses etc’ to listen to this hangout and think before you start, here are real and practical suggestions as to how to approach your goal, how to avoid being side tracked, what to focus on etc. I would recommend to join the Business Club as well to benefit from Helens advice and common sense on an ongoing basis.

    • Thanks very much Teresa! There’s so much unhelpful advice out there about how easy it is the make money with information products that I wanted to give the true story and genuinely helpful information.

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