How I moved my product to Clickbank to avoid the dreaded EU VAT

Hooray! I’ve just finished moving my Online Business Club over from the shopping cart on my own site to Clickbank. I did this so that I don’t need to worry about the EU VAT changes that come into effect from January 2015 (sometimes known as #VATMOSS).

Quite a few people have asked why I chose Clickbank, how I did it and how it all went, so I’ve made a video explaining all of this. I hope it’s going to be useful if you’re going through the process of changing over to an online marketplace to avoid the dreaded #VATMOSS.

Here’s the video:

In the video I mention a few articles and resources:

Creating your first Clickbank product:

Creating recurring subscription products with Clickbank:

The HMRC document where I found the definition of a marketplace:

The membership plugin I use: WP eMember

And not forgetting a link to Clickbank itself (this is a link to their referral program, so I get paid commission if you sign up through here. This hasn’t influenced anything I’ve said in this video, though.)

Here are Clickbanks’s fees.

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4 thoughts on “How I moved my product to Clickbank to avoid the dreaded EU VAT”

  1. Hi Helen

    Thanks for the interesting video!
    I’m resident in UK but planning to launch a course for the Italian audience.

    I saw you made the video a while ago so I’d like to ask you if you are still using ClickBank or if you found better solutions. I’m currently thinking of but I need to be sure if it integrates well with my wp tools.

    Also, in case of videos etc. Is ClickBank dealing just with the transaction or it lets you host the content too?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Angelo, you’re very welcome. If you’d like to take a look at the description and comments of this video on YouTube, you’ll see some updates on which platforms I’ve used since I made this video .

      I haven’t used FastSpring personally, although I have read good reviews of it.

      Clickbank doesn’t host the content, it just deals with the transaction, although there are platforms that will host for you including Zenler and Teachable.

      Good luck! Helen

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