How to write a professional LinkedIn profile

In this quick interview with Judy Parsons (the LinkedIn Lady!) you’ll get some great tips on writing a really effective and professional LinkedIn profile.

I caught up with Judy last week at the end of the Women On The Business Stage Social Media Fest training where we were both trainers.

Here is Judy’s LinkedIn profile:

And here’s mine:

I made a second LinkedIn video with Judy, so watch out for that next week.

Here’s a handy tip for making quick videos – ask the speakers business events if you can record a quick tips video, as I did here with Judy. Mostly, speakers will say ‘yes’ because it’s a great opportunity for them to be introduced to new viewers. It’s also good for you because they will often share the video with their audience.

Most speakers don’t get around to making as many videos as they would like, so it’s an easy way for them to get a video made and uploaded to YouTube!

Plus it’s great for networking. “Can I video you?” is a very effective conversation-starter as well as a great reason to follow-up with that person after the event.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the speakers. Events will have delegates who are experts in their own fields too. Delegates will be more relaxed than the speakers which may make them more open to you videoing them.


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