How to do split-screen video interviews

Ever seen those split-screen video interviews and wondered how they were done? Me too!

So when Emma Burford of and Mums Business Directory asked if I’d like to try it out, I jumped at the chance.

And here we are…

Emma suggested we talk about what I’m up to at the moment, so I told her all about my Thursday night webinars.

To do this type of split-screen interview you need Skype and another application to record the call. Emma used because she has a Mac, so I’ll need to investigate similar applications for my PC. Emma suggests Supertintin but I haven’t had chance to take a look at it yet.

There’s more info in this article (thanks to David Risley for the link).

I’m still quite disturbed by just how unflattering my webcam is, but that’s something I’ll have to work on!

(Update: If you want to look better on a webcam, here are some tips – You can look snazzy on a webcam.)

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  1. Aww Helen thank you so much for agreeing to the split screen video challenge… it’s so much easier when you have 2 pairs of eyes too! Look forward to interviewing you again soon. Emma

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