Voice-over service

Recording a voice-over for your e-learning course, ‘how to’ video or software demo video can be a pain. Getting a good quality, echo and hum-free recording isn’t as easy as it sounds, and speaking confidently into a microphone takes practice.

If you’ve got other things you could be doing with your time, why not let me do your voice-over it for you?

Here’s an example:

I’ll edit your project to you and deliver it to you in MP3 format. (If you’d like a different format, please just ask).


  • Up to 250 words for £30
  • Up to 500 words for £50

To order, please click here to send me a message.

Ordering is simple, just send me a script and any special instructions such as unusual pronunciations, and I’ll get started. (Payment by PayPal)

For a bigger project such as an entire online course please contact me and we can negotiate to suit your budget.

If you have any questions please just get in touch, I’m happy to help!

Helen is highly respected by all who work with her, she has the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.

AND of course THE most fabulous, calm voice which really makes you want to listen and learn along with her.

Claire Godwin, WomenOnTheBusinessStage.co.uk

Here are some examples of voice-overs by me:

Video by Purrfectly Animated

Video by Digital 41

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