About Helen


I started out as a software trainer back in the 1990s when the Internet was new and I had to carry heavy equipment up flights of stairs for my training sessions.

Back then I saw the potential of online learning but it seemed like a distant dream. So when I was finally able to make online course myself in about 2012, I jumped at the chance.

I had to learn a lot about setting up and running an online business in order to make and promote my courses. After a while I found this more interesting than creating my own courses!

My background as a software trainer means I understand the challenges of getting technology to work with you and I speak like a human being, too.

I'm basically your Fairy Geekmother.

I'm also the Bedford group leader for Drive The Network, a business networking group with no elevator pitches, just good connections.

In my spare time I'm an amateur artist and my art has been on display in several exhibitions around Bedford. There's more about why I combine the geeky with the arty here.

If you'd like a chat, please drop me an email helen@helenlindop.com