The return of the blog

Over the last year or so I’ve been focusing on my other site, There’s now lots of great content on that site for anyone who wants to make online courses, so I’m happy with that.

So what happened to

Focus is incredibly important in any online business, so while I was focusing on Totally Courses, I decided to use this site, as a landing page for anyone who Googled me by name. After all, It looks really bad to visit a site and find a blog that’s not been updated in six months.  Also, social media has changed a lot in the last couple of years and I needed some time to explore new strategies as the old ones became less effective. (More on this in upcoming posts, but in the meantime this is great advice.)

Unfortunately, this meant that many of the useful videos and posts I’ve created over the last few years weren’t available for visitors to see. So I decided now is the right time to bring back the blog. (I’ve also deleted the posts that are out of date.)

I make courses and I help people to make their own courses. It’s a been real challenge to decide whether to combine those on the same website or to keep them separate. In the end I decided it was too confusing for visitors to my site(s) to combine the two. Even though that means it’s a bit of extra work for me to have two sites.

I’m now the Bedford group leader of Drive

There’s another change, too – I’m now the Bedford group leader for Drive The Network, which is a networking group but with a difference. Drive is focused on building long-term relationships using face-to-face meetings and social media, which means it makes sense for me to return to using a blog with my own name on it. When you’re networking, people meet a person rather than a business, so it’s important to be yourself both online and face-to-face.

Putting the fun back in blogging

In fact Ann Hawkins, owner of Drive, also made me realise I needed to bring this blog back to life. She said that my strengths were explaining things in a simple way and trying out new things then not being afraid to report back on how they went. That’s why I used to enjoy blogging in the old days (about 2010, ha ha!) Since then I’ve got bogged down in what the experts say a blog should be and that sucked most of the fun out of it. From now on I want to keep things simple and share what I find out, whether that’s what works or what doesn’t work.

The blogs I’ve been enjoying lately are the business blogs with personality that tell me something about the author. I want to get back to that.

Finally, I’ve been improving my drawing for the last year and now I feel brave enough to start using my drawings on my blogs. Stay tuned for more!

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