Getting published: Start a Family Friendly Business

Start a Family Friendly Business was published in September 2010 and grew out of my blog,

I started Business Plus Baby because my career wasn’t flexible enough for me as a mum to a new baby.  I needed to know which businesses would work around a baby so started to research business ideas, but I couldn’t find a list of family –friendly businesses anywhere.  I spent hours trawling the internet, on Twitter and on Facebook, plus I went along to the first Mums The Boss meetings to find out what other business mums were doing.

A few months later I’d seriously considered at least six business ideas and none were right for me, but I thought that they might help someone else. So I wrote a series of blog posts called Business Ideas For Mums, giving the pros and cons of each idea. I thought that I might use these as a starting point for an e-book eventually, but I hadn’t bargained on the magic of blogging!

Antonia Chitty  and I ‘met’ through our blogs. By coincidence Antonia had been thinking of writing a book of business ideas just like mine, so we joined forces and together we wrote Start a Family Friendly Business.  We realised that you need more than just a good idea though, so we included step-by-step guides on how to choose your business idea and how to check that it’ll work for you.

Two years later I used Start a Family Friendly Business as a guide in my Work At Home Mum Fast Start e-course. And of course I’m still blogging at Business Plus Baby!

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